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Gustaf Johansson's homepage

Short introduction

Gustaf Johansson received a M.Sc. in Applied Physics and Electrical Engineering in 2010 and has been working as a PhDc in professor Hans Knutsson's group since March 2011. The Masters level courses mainly consisted of courses in image processing and applied mathematics. Furthermore, in his spare time, Gustaf has a large passion for belgian beers, scotch whiskies various flavours of rock and electronic music and also enjoys playing with his electric guitar in the evenings.

Gustaf has also been living for a short while in Stockholm, working in the fancy media industry as a Senior QA Engineer at an american company specializing in media delivery systems for mobile devices. However, the lack of research oppurtunities there combined with his passions for the more theoretical and research oriented aspects of his masters studies finally overtook his dirty little soul and lured him back into academia.

Research interests

  • Medical Image Processing
  • Applied Mathematics
I am one of the more junior members of the project 3D and 4D Adaptive Filtering for Image Denoising and Patient Safety.
In particular, I am main researcher in the project Global Linear Optimization (GLO).
I am also since a while back a PhD student member of the Centre of Medical Image Science and Visualization (CMIV) here at the University Hospital.


As a PhDc, I have been teaching in the following courses:
  • TFYA59 - Wave Motion - Lab supervisor (1st year bachelor).
  • TFYY51 - Engineering Project Y - project group supervisor.
  • TBMI02 - Medical Image Analysis - Lab supervisor and teacher (masters course).

Contact information

  • E-mail adress: first name [dot] last name [at] liu [dot] se
  • public PGP key - used primarily for verification of signatures of published documents according to the proposal below.

List of publications

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