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PhD studies in Biomedical Engineering

At the department of Biomedical Engineering PhD studies (i.e. Third cycle / Postgraduate studies / Doctoral studies) are carried out in one of three research fields:

BIT - Biomedical Instrumentation
FMT - Biomedical Engineering
MI - Medical Informatics

Information for prospective PhD Students

The by far most common way of becoming a PhD student at the Department of Biomedical Engineering is to apply for available PhD positions. These positions are fully funded and publicly announced one by one during the academic year (typically 2-4 positions per year) as senior researchers receive research grants. Current available positions can be found at the Linköping University web page for vacancies (Select "IMT - Department of Biomedical Engineering", if available). General information regarding Doctoral studies in Sweden and Linköping can be found in the links below:

Currently, most PhD student information is in Swedish only.
The translation of those pages is a work in progress - Please be patient...

Postgraduate education at LiU and IMT

For more information please contact our Director of PhD studies:

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Last updated: 2015-01-23