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Welcome to the Department
of Biomedical Engineering

This department at Linköpings universitet is a national centre for research and education in Biomedical Engineering. The research is motivated by the requirements in healthcare and takes place in close collaboration with the biomedical industry and hospital clinics.

It is our aim to be a catalyst in the biomedical engineering innovation system of the future - an arena for leading international researchers and teachers where new knowledge is created and dispersed. Through development and integration of biomedical research, health care and the business community, we will contribute to increased quality of life on a global basis.


These pages are no longer updated.
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Impact is an EU-project with in the Seventh Framework FP7. The project is working to improve the lives of Parkinson’s disease patients while reducing side-effects through deep brain stimulation.


During the last couple of years NovaMedTech has successfuly carried out a EU-based project which has created brilliant innovative scenes and established a large network between health care, academia and industrial life.


The objective of the EU-project SEMEOTICONS (SEMEiotic Oriented Technology for Individual’s CardiOmetabolic risk self-assessmeNt and Self-monitoring) is to exploit the face as a major indicator of individual’s well-being by tracing traits of physical and expressive status. SEMEOTICONS will design and construct an innovative multi-sensory system integrated into a hardware platform having the exterior aspect of a mirror: the so-called “Wize Mirror”. The project is beeing directed from Pisa, Italy. The research group of Tomas Strömberg at IMT is participating with hyper spectral imaging.

See the information video about the project


BENEFIT(Better Effectiveness aNd EFficiency by measuring and modelling of Interventional Therapy) will improve patient stratification and patient treatment by quantification and integration of pre- and intra-interventional images/ data into personalized models for workflow and CDSS.

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