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Peter Rejmstad

Peter Rejmstad received his M.Sc. in Engineering Biology from Linköping University in 2010 with focus on Materials in Medicine.

Before joining the Biomedical Intrumentation research group at IMT Peter worked with Materials science and Laser sintering at the department of Environmental and Materials Chemistry at Stockholm University.

His work at IMT focused on developing an optical monitoring system for use in Neurointensive care. He received his PhD in Biomoedical Engineering in 2017 with the thesis title "Optical Monitoring of Cerebral Microcirculation ".

Activities and interest:

Previous teaching:

TBMT24: Course assistant, laboratory instructor

TBME04: Laboratory instructor

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Peter Rejmstad

PhD Student and M.Sc.


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Linköpings universitet
Inst. för medicinsk teknik
S-581 85 Linköping

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